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Business consultancy

Business setup in Romania

By using our knowhow and the network of partners, we provide a One Stop Shop support during the legal and commercial launch of your business in Romania. We take care of the needed documentation to set up a new business, of the personnel selection, business promotion through online and printed media channels, identification of the most suitable business location and its decoration.
We are here to support both the local and foreign investors to launch their business in a fast and prompt manner.

Marketing and business promotion

In a competitive and dynamic business environment, the way we create and promote the image of a company directly influences our revenues and the customer satisfaction. Terasis Consult provides you a complete package for your products and services promotion, by using the online and offline communication channels: media budgeting, web design, promotional campaigns in the online media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linked in), press communicates, printed promotional materials such as leaflets, catalogues and brochures as well, as the results follow up after implementing such tools.

Launch and development of a company distribution network

We are convinced that an effective sales activity is the key to a successful business, in Romania and on any international markets, irrespective of the industry. We support you in setting up and launching your own distribution network – direct sales and with the selected partners that gives you a competitive market advantage. We take care of the sales personnel selection, sales trainings with customized programmes, contracts with the sales partners, sales budget setup and the monitoring of the sales objectives implementation.

Customized professional trainings plans for your employees

As a result of a deep analysis of you business objectives, strategy and organizational culture, based on interviews with your team of managers and selected key employees, we build and implement customized plans of the professional development for the company human capital. We also provide effective follow up tools to monitor and evaluate the results of the human resources development plans.