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EU Financing consultancy

Terasis Consult is an integrated provider of business consulting services and human resources management. We provide consultancy for EU structural funding, management and projects implementation. The professional trainings portfolio in the sales, communication, management and marketing areas, and personal development recommends us for partnerships within EU funded projects.

The financing consultancy services provided by Terasis Consult include the performance of needed documentation for accessing non-refundable funding, project management and support during the project implementation, offering both projects development services as well as implementation and accounting services for these projects.

  • EU structural financing application
  • Business plan
  • Analysis and planning of professional development needs
  • Purchasing file
  • Market studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Economical analysis
  • Project management for implementing EU structural funded projects
  • Reimbursement/ payment file preparation

Terasis Consult benefits from the expertise of consultants with large experience in the field of EU funded projects both in Romania and at EU level.