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How to increase the business efficiency and the personal development by using the Mental Bridging technique

The training focuses on effective use of the both brain hemispheres. By improving the relation between both hemispheres, the employees work more effectively and in a creative manner and uncover over 75% of their brain potential.

The following key subjects are presented: communication patterns, conditioning and balancing, stress management, the use of the both brain hemispheres, breath, brain frequency and work improvement techniques. A unique training features the use of the techniques derived from the Samurai Art of swords fights in order to explain the programme principles.

The Mental Bridging ® model has been taught successfully in over 60 countries and at the beginning of the 2013 it has been awarded the Innovation Prize 2012 by the Royal Dutch Military Police.

Duration: 2 days
Price: 350 eur (w/o VAT) / trainee

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