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Stress Management with NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)

Do you know the main sources of negative stress in your life? Do you know how stress affects your results and people relations

Terasis Consult invites you to attend the “ Training for Stress Management” that will change your personal and professional approach. The information provided in this training, accompanied by practical techniques of Neuro-linguistic Programming with a certified trainer, will guide you to a better life management, an emotional balance and improved decision-making ability. During the two days training, you will be assigned in a working group and will be able to implement the acquired techniques by personalized exercises.

“One of the most effective ways to overcome a sad past and to ensure a happy future is to  train in good feeling on daily morning basis without having a special reason for it. If you wake up every morning with a good feeling and enthusiasm, you will surely make better decisions for your life.” Richard Bandle, co-founder NLP

The ability to manage your own mental processes and emotions stays at the basis of the ability to managing ourselves in the most effective manner.

The Neuro-linguistic Programming is a method used by millions of persons all over the world for personal and professional development, enhancing the performance in various domains: communication, sales, sports, leadership, health, education, arts, etc.

NLP has applicability in stress and emotions management through a better understanding of the human mind, identification and integration of successful behavioral strategies. NLP also studies the impact of linguistic on neurology and teaches us how to think and communicate according to the most suitable way to reach our personal objectives


1. Understanding and influencing the mental processes that lead to emotions and actions

- positive stress / negative stress

-identification of the negative stress factors

-the effects of the negative stress in personal and professional life

- the role of Emotional Intelligence in stress management

- sub-techniques NLP: extracting and influencing

-identifying and changing the successful behavioral strategy

-interior dialogue management

-resizing the expectations

NLP Tehniques

- neutralizing the memories which lead to negative moods

- strategy of change without effort

- anchor

- changing an unpleasant/ ineffective behavior

2. Prioritization and effective organization for reaching the objectives

-  prioritization exercise : Matrix “Eisenhower”

- when, how and to whom we say NO

- planning exercise: daily, weekly, monthly

Relaxation techniques:

-breathing technique

-therapy by laughing

-at the pyramid basis: eat pray love .. sleep sport

3. Treatment of discontentment / interior conflicts

- redefining the objective

-staying coherent 24/24: identity & values leading to actions

- integration of successful personal convictions

- conflicts solving

NLP tehniques

- intergration of the parties – interior conflicts

- changing personal story

Price: 1200 lei ( VAT included) /participant

The price includes a business room equipped with needed presentation tools and office supplies, coffee and pastry, printed training material, access to video and audio materials.

Details about the training and subscription by phone: 0040723347375, e-mail: office@terasis.ro.

Duration: 2 days

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